I Play SG Music FAQ

What is I Play SG Music?How long will I Play SG Music run for?How can I best experience I Play SG Music?Where can I listen to I Play SG Music playlists online?Who are the artists and what songs will I be able to hear?How do you choose which song and artists to feature?How can I get involved?Where can I leave my feedback?
What is I Play SG Music?

I Play SG Music brings Singapore music into daily life through streaming songs at high traffic public spaces, encouraging chance encounters during daily commute and in pursuit of lifestyle activities. Music is accompanied with bold eye-catching visual concepts that intrigues passers-by to discover more about local music at community spaces, shopping malls and places of transit. 

Bandwagon Asia is the producer for this campaign. The campaign is a part of Hear65’s national movement to encourage visibility of Singapore music, an initiative by the National Arts Council. 

How long will I Play SG Music run for?

The pilot for I Play SG Music runs from 23 Feb 2022 onwards for minimally one month. The main campaign will launch with more music, artists and public spaces involved, and will launch islandwide from the second half of 2022.

How can I best experience I Play SG Music?

Discover the full sonic and visual experiences first at Our Tampines Hub and Funan. 

Music videos are screened all around Our Tampines Hub, accompanied with digital posters and table stickers QR code that allows you access to curated music playlists that showcase the brightest of Singapore artists. 

Go on an immersive journey of I Play SG Music at Funan, featuring music videos, bold colourful campaign creatives for an immersive and interactive physical and social media experience, with  Augmented Reality filters to discover local music - all happening at the Underpass Pedestrian Walkway Link (UPL) at Basement 2.

I Play SG Music playlists are available online, streaming on Spotify and YouTube for your easy access to discover Singapore music at your fingertips and in the comfort of your own space and time. Find out more at

Where can I listen to I Play SG Music playlists online?

Spotify - Hear65 Spotify profile
YouTube -
Hear65 YouTube channel

Who are the artists and what songs will I be able to hear?

A diverse mix of music and artists are featured on I Play SG Music. Over 100 artists and up to 450 songs are included in the pilot, with 6 major and independent music labels providing music that traverses our genres and languages, from nationally recognised names to the up and coming artists and bands. Song list and artists are listed on Spotify and YouTube.

How do you choose which songs and artists to feature?

For the campaign pilot, we intend to test out the workings of the campaign before applying it to a larger scale. The songs and artists that we have included are based on the repertoire shared with us by various music labels for the sole purpose of creating awareness of Singapore music. All rights to the songs and music videos belong to the rightful owner(s). In the future, we intend to further expand the repertoire to include more music genres, languages and artists.

How can I get involved?

For Individuals
Discover local music and artists, follow and like I Play SG Music playlists on Spotify and  YouTube, show support through likes and repost I Play SG Music on social media, have fun with the AR filters, take selfies, we-fies, IG Stories and tag @hear65sg and #IPlaySGMusic

For Artists / Music Labels
We will be reaching out to more artists and music labels who are not yet featured in the campaign pilot, as we would want as many of the brightest talents to be included in the main campaign. You will hear from us soon!

For Corporate & Organisations
If your business support local and the sound of curated local music playlists gets you excited, reach out to us for enquires at

Where can I leave my feedback?

We would like to find out more about your I Play SG Music experience - kindly complete the survey at www.iplaysgmusic.com

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